Semi-Annual Creek Jump and BMX competition

Semi-Annual Creek Jump and BMX competition


Dillon Jaye becomes the first to ever successfully land a trick over the giant gap, July 2016.                (shot by @ZoldsPhotography)


For almost a decade the legends of the 43 foot creek jump at Transitions Skatepark have been told amongst the Michigan action sports scene.

After years of attempts, as well as successful roll-aways from the jump, it was time to revision the approach of the event.

This year the creek jump will feature a much smaller gap that begins after the guard rail, and launches the riders onto an elevated platform floating in the middle of the creek, where they can then gap off onto the landing as well.


The new vision for the “Semi-Annual Creek Jump” comes as a way for the jump and event to be accessible for a broader range of riders, and encourages far more attempts, with crazier tricks, due to the new setup being far less physically exhaustive and painful on the athletes.



There will also be a BMX competition on the same day, prizes TBA.



To enter the competition and creek jam admission is $20. To come out to watch will cost $5. We look forward to seeing all of you there for this insane and rare event.







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