For My Set- Adi Muhtarevic

For My Set- Adi Muhtarevic

All photos shot by Adi Muhtarevic unless otherwise specified.

















photo shot by @RyanJ.Jpeg

The RAW ESPRESSION from Adi is below:

I’m Adi, I am 16 years old, I got into photography because of the skatepark. Two of my close friends had cameras and so I decided to get one, I shot around the skatepark for a while. I got into the whole exploring scene because I saw photos on Instagram of Detroit from rooftops, and also abandoned places. At this time though I never went downtown, I would shoot at random places near my house. Then I started going downtown with friends and I started meeting a ton of people in the Detroit Photography community, I became very serious with photography, I built up such a love for taking photos and exploring, and just always wanted to be creating. I hit my first roof and it was amazing, was such an insane feeling being so high up, away from the busy streets, looking over everyone and no one even knowing you are there. I love shooting in the city, a ton of people are around, always something cool to see, the tall buildings, and the vibe downtown is something else, just always moving. When I look around now I don’t think like a normal person. Now, I am always looking at things differently, thinking if something would make a nice photo, looking at buildings and thinking of new a perspective to take a photo, looking at people and waiting for a perfect time to snap a picture, just always thinking of different photo opportunities. I just want to show people places they may never see, and how I vision it. For me, it is not all about roofs or abandoned places, I really enjoy taking portraits and just shooting on the ground. In the future I just want to be traveling and showing everyone the world how I see it, through my camera.



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