Our Work


We produce a wide array of work across various mediums. On this page you will find our services available to clientele, followed by our personal work.

We are currently taking on clientele in the realms of-

Social Media Marketing, Videography/Production Work,  Creative Direction,  Drone Photography/Videography, Event Production/Curation, and Graphic Design.


Feel free to reach out to discuss future propositions. For all inquiries email- AsDetroitsOwn@Gmail.com


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Social Media Marketing

We have built social platforms, and established marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients, across all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

From social campaign strategies, to full service account building and branding. We survey the market of our clientele, and build our campaigns specific to their audience, so growth remains healthy and true to the clients intended consumer. Unlike most social marketers we are capable of creating all kinds of content, and are not dependent on our client to produce everything. We also have an eye for curating non-exclusive content that drives traffic to our clienteles platform in instances where it fits the audience.



Event Curation/ Hosting

Hosting, curating, and promoting events is an extensive task that requires overseeing many variables. Success in the realm of event curation requires a combination of creative direction, public relations, and proper promotional campaigns and promotional content. With our combination of skillsets we handle and oversee all tasks to ensure our events, and the events of our clientele are produced at the highest and MOST EFFICIENT means for the attendees as well as whom we are representing.

See event page for more details of our work in this realm. 


Videography /Photography/ Production


From the storyboards, to the conceptualization, to the end result, we are capable of full service video production. As well as photography.

We offer cinema style color-grading capabilities, 3-D motion tracking, animation, and much more.




Drone Videography/ Aerial Photography


Full 4k Drone visuals as well as high-res aerial photography.



Creative Direction & Branding

Creative direction and branding, are capabilities that are reserved for those who understand all of the subtleties and nuances in every single detail. We have helped direct everything from physically tangible products and events, to the non-tangibles such as video branding, and advertising campaigns.



Graphic Design

In the realm of graphic design we exercise key fundamental techniques and approaches. Whether you desire a simplistic approach, or a bit more flare, our vision is always tasteful and communicates the principles our client is trying to approach with their graphics.


Need Promotion?

If you are looking for promotion across our “As Detroit’s Own” platforms, if we feel that our audience would like to see what you have to offer, contact us, and we can discuss our promotional rates.


 Personal Work


Our endeavor into a full length documentary film (#aDetroitFilm) about one of the most polarizing cities of all time. The film has built momentum nationally as the process of creating it has been thoroughly documented in news media, social media, and web series’.


“Spooky Hourz” Podcast with Jordan Garland

Available on iTunes Podcast App, Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube now.